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            company profile


            organizational structure

            team display

            ZPW-2000R No insulation frequency shift automatic block system

            JWJ-C2 microcomputer axle counter equipment

            CXG-rx Security information transmission equipment

            JT-CZ20000-kj Cab signal/Vehicle signal

            remote maintenance

            technical service

            corporate culture

            staff activities

            park display




            Company culture

            Ruixing people are good at innovation, and they are willing to win gold medals.

            Company culture

            Ruixing people are good at innovation, and they are willing to win gold medals.

            Corporate culture

            Staff activity
            Park display

            Fair competition

            Insist in the principle of fair competition, actively participate in market completion, and try hard to gain obvious competition advantage in the field most valuable to the Company’s efficiency;


            scrupulously abide by the integrity for anything made at any place and any time;


            Remember the responsibility borne, be brave in facing the challenge, and timely solve the problems and difficulties existed;


            Provide the high-quality products and services for the customers with professional skills and talents, challenge ourselves frequently, and meet the fast changing demands of the customers with development of new products and services;

            Efficient cooperation

            Refine the process with pragmatic attitude, and simplify the complicated process, but improve the decision making and execution efficiency;

            I. Management policy

            Dedicated to the field of signal technology equipment of rail transit communication; through constant pursuit in excellence, be one of the best independent technology brands; constantly innovate for change, and be more than what the customers expect.

            II. Quality management policy

            Ruixing signal, created with a inventive heart

            III. Safety management policies

            Obey the rules

            Eliminate hidden dangers

            Make competitive products


            Improve “human quality”, and cultivate the people careful in any works.

            Trying hard to improve the staff’s self-cultivation, enabling the staff to have good working and living habits and styles, and making the staff to obtain the personal improvement through 5S practice and step forward jointly with the enterprise are the core of 5S activities.

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